eneff pilot project plan objectives

ENEFF-PILOT’s strategic working objectives lay in

  1. to enable systemic energy consumption and production through a better use of information generated by energy consumers,
  2. to enable cost effective emissions reduction by encouraging citizens to cooperate and target renewables and
  3. to accelerate wide deployment of innovative ICT solutions for EE by means of effective monitoring and a better use of data to establish energy consumption patterns.

Indicators of achieving (1-3) will be measured from the successful performance of our communities’ aggregators along with the collaboration of utilities providers like HolaLuz (already in touch for potential partnership). Both environments, dedicated lab testbed and Living Lab, demonstrations will validate these figures.

Year #1

eneff pilot project plan involvement

During its first year of operation, ENEFF-Pilot focused on getting the involvement of different stakeholders such as academic partners, utilities, public authorities, and the relevant industry. The project met most of the milestones and deadlines set on the proposal. In particular, preliminary approval of project agenda and milestones occurred by M1, an introductory presentation to the Department of Electronics at UAH was hold in M4 and the project website is online since M6. Dissemination activities focused on the elaboration of the strategic communication plan of the project and its results: goals and objectives, targeted audience, choose the right message, etc. We will also provide definition and management of the project’s presence in the Internet, particularly through a project‘s dedicated website and by the participation in the most popular social media platforms. Approval of the project specification took place though with some delay.

Year #2

eneff pilot project plan definition

The second year of ENEFF-Pilot project focused on the definition of the system architecture, implementation of the main scheduling algorithms and the specification of both home and community units. Pilot deployment architecture and methodology are also in progress.

References to publications during this period are in Results -> Publications.

Year #3

This year mainly focuses on the technology development plan, which follows the agenda below:

eneff pilot project plan technology development