Universidad de Alcalá – Geintra

About This Project

Within the host, the Universidad de Alcala (UAH), the Group in Electronic Engineering applied to INtelligent spaces and TRAnsport (GEINTRA) is an officially recognized group by UAH (reference CCTT2006/R37), that is composed by 23 faculty members (all of them PhD) and several hired researchers associated to different research projects and University programs. Their application areas are related to

  • Intelligent spaces and intelligent transport Environment
  • Positioning and Location Systems
  • Robotics: Sensors, Communication and Control
  • Intelligent Transport Systems: V2V, V2I, Cooperation
  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • High performance Embedded Systems: FPGA, Microprocessors, WSNs, Gigabit communication
  • Image Processing & SMART Cameras
  • Fully Electrical Vehicles: Battery Management, Pollution Estimation.

Key personnel involved in ENEFF­-Pilot are Prof Ignacio Bravo.

Birminghan City University
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