About This Project

Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech) is a research, development and innovation group, part of the Technical University of Madrid. The group’s main skills include consultancy, design, development and evaluation of ICT applied to Ambient Intelligence, Energy, Health, Technological Architecture, Business Process Engineering, and System Development and Integration.

The Smart House Living Lab is a real intelligent house, fully equipped with the usual services of a conventional house where different ICT technologies (sensors and actuators) are distributed extensively in the living lab technical areas such as ceilings and walls, remaining invisible to users. These sensors monitor different context changes, such as temperature, lighting conditions, energy consumption, etc. The Smart House Living Lab is both to develop new applications, services and applications based on the massive use of technology distributed under the ambient intelligence paradigm, and to test and evaluate the quality in use of third­party applications and services that require an user friendly environment with high connectivity and interoperability, and experience in design methodologies and user­centered evaluation.

Dr Juan Bautista Montalvá is M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technical University of Valencia and M.Phil in Bioengineering from the Telecommunication Engineering Faculty at the Technical University of Madrid. He also holds a Master in Domotics from the Technical University of Madrid and a Postgraduate course in Design for all and Accessibility to ICT technologies from the Industrial Organisation School (EOI) of Madrid.

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